For 17 years, Wardlow and Wardlow, Attorneys has specialized in Law and Motion work on behalf of California litigators.

We focus solely on researching and drafting polished and persuasive pleadings for other California lawyers.

Areas include California State and Federal pleadings for:

·  Business Litigation

·  Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Entertainment Law

·  Commercial Law

·  Unfair Business Practices

·  Class Action

·  Government Claims

·  Civil Litigation

   + Employment

   + Family

   + Personal Injury

   + Professional Malpractice

   + Real Estate

   + Constitutional Law

   + Construction Defect

   + ADA

·  Appellate Briefs

·  Mediation and Arbitration Briefs

·  Administrative Law


Our in-depth knowledge of the California and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, logical layouts, and attention to detail, provide you with cogent and compelling documents.


Click here for writing samples.


Services we do NOT provide:

·  Pleadings for non-attorneys

·  Appearances

·  Representation

We are strictly "ghost-writers", and never sign any pleadings.

We provide completed drafts for your review, which rarely require revision.


We are happy to use email, DropBox or any other method to exchange documents.



Services are billed at $85/hour.


We provide meticulous Timesheets, making it easy to pass our time on to your clients.


Rush jobs (unscheduled and due in less than 1 week) are billed at $125/hour.


Payments accepted via check, direct deposit, Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover, eCheck, Square, Google Wallet, and PayPal


About Us

William and Kristine Wardlow, dba Wardlow and Wardlow, Attorneys are your pleading specialists.

We are licensed in California and work exclusively for other California attorneys.

Carefully-crafted, thoughtful, and compelling legal briefs are our specialty.

We also review Replies, then provide a "hit list" of points to consider at the hearing.



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Phone or Text us at (541) 588-0878


Writing Samples

We have drafted many hundreds of pleadings on a huge range of topics.

From Complaints to Discovery, MSJ to Trial Briefs, and everything in between.

Here are a few examples. Feel free to request more.

Complaint - Products Liability

Motion for Summary Judgment - IP / Trade Secret

Trial Brief - ADA


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